Meet Leilani Tane – Author of Sexy, Steamy, Intelligent Romance


I had the pleasure of interviewing Leilani Tane, a fellow romance writer who specializes in writing steamy, sexy short stories. After reading the interview, make sure to check out her Amazon page and treat yourself to a free book today. Enjoy!

Paige: Did you always know you wanted to be a writer? Why do you write romance and what drew you into this genre before you started writing?

Leilani: Actually, I’ve always been a writer. As a kid, I carried notebooks and pens with me in my little backpack. I devoured books since a very early age. I still scribble daily even when I’m on holiday or find it hard to concentrate.

Paige: Have you ever attended a writer’s retreat and where? If not, what would an ideal retreat look like for you?

Leilani: Yes! And I know so many people think writer’s retreats are boring and dull but that’s just their limited mindset talking. My first writer’s retreat was in Hawaii and it was one of the best experiences ever. Writing, reading and resting in paradise? Sign me up any day!

Paige: What kind of work environment do you like to work in? What are some things you must have in order to stay focused, and what kind of distractions bother you?

Leilani: I need closed doors – absolute peace. I like to open my window and listen to the birds. It helps me concentrate. Any kind of human interaction is out of the question because when I write, I am in a different dimension and I cannot be paying attention to someone in real life while my characters talk to me.

Paige: Do you think you can change people with your stories and how?

Leilani: Absolutely! And I say it with so much confidence because other people’s writings changed me. So many amazing books helped me go through personal struggles and heal. I love hearing from my readers and learning that my stories helped them open up to their partner to try something new. It’s the best feeling and I’m so grateful for such an experience.

Paige: Finding details for your book can be hard even if you have a whole storyline written down. Let’s talk about names. How do you find the names of your characters? Is this a hard process for you, or do you keep it simple and just go with the first name that comes to mind? 

Leilani: I’m not too fussy and I don’t spend too much time researching names, but I have to like a name in order to use it. I’m pretty good at choosing sexy names for my heroes and crappy names for the men that hurt my heroines in the past.

Paige: Some writers enjoy writing dialogue, and some thrive on character descriptions and settings. In your process of writing, what do you enjoy writing about the most?

Leilani: Dialogue, definitely. I have the most fun writing a conversation between heroes and heroines. 

Paige: Is writer’s block real? What do you do when it hits and how do you stay prepared?

Leilani: It’s real alright. But I don’t let it stop me. When I feel uninspired, I go dancing or running. I make sure I move in order to get my creative juices flowing. Action beats overthinking!

Paige: How difficult/easy is it for you to write characters from the opposite sex? Is it hard to get inside a man’s mind and write from his POV?

Leilani: I LOVE it! I’ve been fortunate to have had a chance to be surrounded by amazing men my whole life and learn from them immensely. I enjoy creating strong, incredible heroes who know how to treat their women right. 

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Paige: If you could travel to any place in the world right now, where would it be and why?

Leilani: Saint Lucia. Surreal beauty.

Paige: How did publishing your first book change your process of writing? What did you learn along the way?

Leilani: After working with a publisher for a few months on one of my stories, I learned that the traditional route is not for me. At this time, at least. There are too many rules involved when it comes to sex and what the readers expect. But that’s just one person’s opinion. I write erotic romance because it inspires me and lets me live in a world where there are no taboos and everything is allowed. Self-publishing my first book was definitely a nerve-wrecking process, but once you do it, the rest is history.

Paige: Share your morning/daily routine with us.

Leilani: A swim in the sea, followed by a breakfast in the garden. Reading, then writing until late at night.

Paige: Imagine yourself on a deserted island. All your basic human needs are met, such as food, water, and shelter. What two items would you want to have with you and why?

Leilani: A notebook and a pen. Ideas are born when you are alone.

Paige: Name three things that you always carry in your bag.

Leilani: Lipstick, notebook and pens.

Paige: You just won $400 million. Would you still continue to write and why?

Leilani: Of course, I’d continue to write. I’d still prefer it to do it on a yacht than a bus, but either way, I’d do it. Writing is my life.

Paige: And finally, how would you encourage someone who really wants to pursue a writing career but has doubts in their writing abilities?

Leilani: Believe in your imagination and creativity. If a book is in you, you must let it come out. With a huge smile on your face, show the middle finger to all the naysayers and go do your thing. No one’s going to find you unless you open up to the world and show them what you’re made of. You can do it.

About Leilani Tane

A good girl with a seriously dirty mind. 

Leilani writes steamy romantic tales about powerful alpha males and strong, independent women who long to be tamed. Her stories are set in exotic places that ooze luxury and style.

She dedicates her books to all the amazing souls out there who crave the freedom to be who they are and want mind-blowing sex without taboos.

Check out the Bad Boy Billionaire series here.