Love the Writer in You

This is a journal of self-discovery specifically designed for writers. It contains over 300 deep, thought-provoking question to help you find who you TRULY are and CREATE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. It is also filled with fun exercises and reflection pages to keep track of your progress and discoveries.

5×55 Manifestation Journal

5×55 Manifestation method is a perfect method for writers. It combines affirmations, journaling, and numerology to supercharge your intentions.

All these powerful techniques neatly packed into one will help you get in the right energetic space through the act of writing. When you’re present in the moment, writing out the affirmation of the very thing you want to manifest, your chances of manifesting that very same thing are ENORMOUS.

Apart from being an intuitive transformational coach and healer, I’m also an incurable romantic and a devoted reader and writer of romance novels.

I love writing romance.

This is the genre I started reading when I was eleven years old. Before I even knew what romance was, my favorite authors were Jules Verne and Françoise Sagan. I immersed myself in the adventurous worlds of Mr. Verne and fell in love with the broken characters Ms. Sagan introduced me to. Then, with time, as I learned more, I came to love the contemporary romance genre. Soon after, I wrote my first story. And then another.

So, why romance?

Because love is the most powerful force in the Universe. 

Romance novels are so much more than kissing books. They bring a whole new world to human emotions and relationships. Plus, a good spicy scene is a must. So, if you prefer clean romances without swear words and some serious rolling in the hay, this is where we say goodbye. I deliver what I promise and I want to make sure you came to the right place.

Writing romance makes me come alive.

It’s a world of characters that speak to me as I write, destinations that call on me, and special moments that make me fall in love over and over again.

I love the Happily Ever Afters. In romance novels, they’re non-negotiable and I never mess with HEA.

I know I want it.

My readers expect it.

It’s why romance is so popular. No wonder it’s one of the highest earning genres out there.

Women in romance novels are presented as intelligent, extremely capable, and successful. There are no limits to what a heroine can be or do. They are accomplished characters with rich lives and big dreams. And while they’re perfectly fitted for fixing a broken hero who never thought he’d love again, sometimes the hero is the one who shows the heroine what true love is all about. 

Romance novels have all the right to be sweepingly romantic and unapologetically dramatic and the characters can meet in the weirdest of ways and still seem perfectly realistic.

Here’s what you can expect from my books:

♥ Alluring destinations

♥ Strong heroines and swoon-worthy heroes

♥ Romance build up 

♥ Meaningful moments

♥ Plenty of twists and turns

♥ Simmering tension and chemistry

♥ Dual POV

Many of my heroes and heroines have something to do with aviation. This is where I spent a good chunk of my career and I draw a lot of inspiration and experience from there. Plus, being an avid globetrotter, I’ll make sure to bring you the enchanting, dazzling settings from around the world.

So, sit back, relax and dive into spicy, swoony romance that will make your heart race and toes curl.

Hmm, didn’t expect that? Yep, that’s what I love to do.

And the writers who keep their readers satisfied and immersed in the story until the very end are my favorite kind.

Let’s Just Call It Love

Meet Jack and Tessa . . .

Getting stuck on the same flight as her ex-fiancé is not part of Tessa Reynold’s plan. She was on her way to Snowland, and now she’s headed for Dubai. Her mind is a mess and she must not do anything stupid. Only, her hormones dictate otherwise.

Enter Jack Smitt, a successful entrepreneur who offers her a lifetime’s worth of adventure in just a few short days.

Stuck between her past and a tempting present, Tessa must decide: allow herself a weekend of extraordinary enjoyment in a world of romance and excitement she’s never seen before or hide under the covers of her tiny hotel bed, and weep over her failed relationship with the jerk who shattered her heart in pieces.

The Very Thought of You

Meet Jacob and Kayla . . .

Battered by her previous relationship that left her heart-broken and miserable, Kayla promises herself to never fall under another man’s spell.

But while on a flight to Miami, she stumbles upon Jacob, the gorgeous man who got her out of a tight spot. Still, Jacob’s no stranger. He’s the sweet, sexy man she almost kissed two years ago at her best friend’s wedding. Their chemistry was off the charts but life had different plans for Kayla.

While her brain constantly reminds her of her past, her burning heart knows that things happen for a reason and this chance encounter with Jacob isn’t a coincidence. Their attraction for each other takes them much farther than Kayla ever imagined when Jacob proves to be so much more than the handsome hunk who stole her heart.

I’m Your Man

Meet Jason and Rhea . . .

When Rhea gets stood up by her best friend before an important doctor’s appointment, she rushes to her car in tears. There, in the parking lot, she is met by a gorgeous man on his motorcycle. While he tries to help her feel better, she doesn’t give in. She doesn’t trust men. She never has.

Jason isn’t the kind of man to give up. His charm and tenacious spirit win Rhea over when he brings her to Hawaii and teaches her how to surf, cook, and kiss like she’s never kissed before. Jason is truly the only man for her—until Rhea finds out about a secret that might ruin what they have and change their lives forever.

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