While I knew I wanted to be a writer from a very early age, I never thought I’d combine my energy healing practice with intuitive writing and coaching. In fact, my road to this discovery was quite long but I don’t regret a single step. 

As a petite, introverted girl with unruly curls and oversized pink glasses, I developed a keen sense of energy, enabling me to navigate through life’s twists and turns. Bullied throughout my early school years, I found peace in scribbling in notebooks, immersing myself in the world of literature, and dreaming of a love as enchanting as the novels I devoured.

I grew up in a beautiful European country scarred by a decade of wars—an experience that left a deep mark on my heart and soul. Yet, amid destruction and hardship, I dreamed of venturing into faraway lands, yearning for a place in a world that didn’t always seem to welcome me. Between the pages of my journal, I poured out my heart, whispering affirmations of a brighter future. I found my happiness in the darkest of places, sometimes under a dim glow of a candlelight.

After I graduated with an MA and worked as a massage therapist to support myself through school, I left my home country in search of a better future. I knew I was venturing into the unknown, but regardless of the difficulties, I embraced the uncertainty. Leaving home was hard. Moving across the world even harder. But being far away and exploring all four corners of the world put me off balance so many times that it forced me to lose sight of the familiar and keep asking myself, “What’s next?” 

After ten years in aviation, I knew I wanted more. I was ready for a bigger life and I felt that change was smiling at me, yet again.

As an international soul who’s lived on four continents and traveled to over a hundred countries worldwide, I don’t take anything for granted. To me, there are no foreign lands. There is only understanding, love and acceptance and I will always see this wonderful planet as a place full of love, beauty, and magic.

In 2008, a breakthrough moment during a trip to Japan led me to a life-changing seminar. Within eighteen months, I manifested my biggest dreams—finding my soulmate, moving to my favorite city that was on my vision board since I was 6, and publishing my first book.

Fueling my journey with continuous self-investment, I immersed myself in personal development books, online courses, and transformative retreats while traveling the world. Writing remained my anchor, guiding me through challenges and bringing immense joy.

Soon, I published 22 romance novellas and found great satisfaction in indie publishing. But while I nailed down the system and knew I could do this on my own, I yearned for more. A year later, I manifested my dream and published my first full-length romance novel through a traditional publisher. 

But writing alone didn’t fulfill my goal of helping others heal. While I enjoyed every minute of writing and producing enchanting stories, I knew something was missing. It took a long time for my brain and belief system to catch up. While I continued writing and coaching, I purposefully kept resisting the message that resonated somewhere deep inside of me, calling me to step up and embrace my life purpose.

I’m a healer. I’m a writer. I’m a mindset coach. I’m an author. A traveler. A curious soul. Since childhood, I’ve been told I had a special healing touch. My massage practice was so successful that when I closed it to go explore the world, my clients continually offered to pay me to stay. But I had big dreams and I went after them. After attending wellness and yoga retreats in India, personal growth seminars in LA, meditating with sequoias, swimming with sharks in Seychelles, climbing Mt. Fuji in springtime, and gorilla trekking in Uganda, I’m here. I’m returning to the part of me I left long ago that the world needs now more than ever. The part of me that will guide you to peace, harmony and fulfillment. 

As a natural giver and helper, and a resilient soul with an immense love of life, I have a strong desire to put others at ease and eliminate suffering. I have a very special place in my heart for introverts, empaths and intuitive writers who are easily influenced by their environment and other people’s energies, ideas, beliefs and opinions. 

After years of coaching, writing and publishing, I went on to become a certified Energy and Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Advanced LOA Practitioner, Aromatherapy Specialist, Ho’oponopono warrior, Crystal and Chakra Healer, Holistic Massage, Reflexology and Zen Shiatsu Therapist, Wellbeing Specialist and Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner. 

Through inner work, energy healing, coaching, and intentional manifestation, I’ve cultivated a sense of complete freedom within while dissolving deeply rooted limiting beliefs about my self-worth, money, and creativity. I continue to invest in myself—attending seminars, reading, upgrading my environment, and prioritizing self-care.

I now work with incredibly talented writers and storytellers who are joyfully working on the birth of their first book. 

And the best part? I’m living my true purpose. I’ve found the golden thread that connects three of my true loves – writing, personal growth and energy healing. I’m honored and grateful that I get to help other writers live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.