. . . why you keep staring at that blank page so often without being able to produce any writing?

You dream of publishing your very own book and now that you’re finally ready, you feel uninspired, dragged down by the endless writer’s block, without knowing how to generate ideas.

I hear you. You’re not alone.

There is a rough estimate that every other person would love to put their thoughts into writing. But of those many aspiring writers, only a few reach their goal of completing a book. The numbers drop even lower when it comes to turning that manuscript into a published book.

To make matters worse, we find excuses and blame time commitments, lack of self-discipline, and absence of clear goals. Not to mention that the number one thing that stops you from writing your book is the fact that you may be intimidated by the potential critics.

What would others think, and who would want to read what you have to say? 

Well, I’m here to say . . .who wouldn’t? 

I’m a Writer, Energy Healer and Intuitive Transformation Coach. I help writers break free from limiting beliefs that hold them back from writing and selling their books, showing them how to tap into their infinite potential and awaken the storyteller within.

Did you know that your writing blocks and lack of self-worth can be solved by clearing and mastering your energy?

While mindset shifts, goal setting and good habits are all important for any writing process, focusing on the energetic patterns beneath your problems is what’s going to help you get unstuck.

After working with numerous writers in countless writing and energy healing sessions, I’ve discovered the reason why you feel stuck and unfulfilled and continue to play small even though you want to write. You enjoy writing. This is what you’ve been put on this wonderful planet to do. Yet, there’s something holding you back.

And it’s not that you’re not talented or don’t have enough ideas to produce intricate work. In fact, most of the writers I work with are talented and extremely passionate about what they do. What I learned is that the hidden blocks in their energy field were blocking them from finishing that first book and living an abundant, fulfilling life they thought every writer deserved. 

Just think about it. You’ve read countless books on personal development, attended seminars and workshops, even went to therapy to find out why you still feel stuck and unfulfilled.

But nothing worked.

Most of us are told that if we want to change something in our life we need to make changes in our physical world—build better habits, change our environment, shift our mindset. And these are extremely important—and as a holistic life coach I’ll be the first one to tell you this—but what begins a lasting change in your life is going deep and addressing the root of the problem. And the root almost always lies at the energetic level.

Are you tired of constantly doubting yourself, thinking your writing will never be good enough, feeling anxious around the whole process of creating an invaluable masterpiece only you can write? Are you tired of your excuses, limiting beliefs and not allowing yourself to be seen and heard?

You are whole and worthy and your writing matters. 

YOU matter.

You have this one amazingly precious life that wants you to pursue all your dreams and do everything you’ve ever wanted.

The world wants to hear what you have to say.

Your writing is important and there is someone out there waiting to hear from you. Someone whose life will be changed after reading your inspiring words.

And I’m here to guide you to design your energy field for writing success.

See, everything is energy. Our world, the people around you, plants, animals, places — YOU. Everything is made of energy. Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions all influence your energy field and become filters through which you see the world. While these can help you filter out the negative, they can also block all the good that is around you and that wants to come into your life.

There are things in your energetic field that aren’t even yours and you might have been carrying them around without knowing. There’s only one YOU who can write that book and I’m here to guide you back to the YOU that you forgot about. The YOU that always knew who you were no matter the circumstances, experiences and hardships you went through. 

My mission is to help you fall in love with the writer in you. Underneath all that programming and conditioning, there is YOU who deserves to have everything you’ve ever wanted.

I’m here to guide you to clear your energy field of all the energetic patterns that no longer serve you, educate, illuminate, coach you with practical tools that will help you clear limiting beliefs, emotions, and other people’s energies and live your life the way you want—with purpose, freedom and joy!

It’s time to tell the Universe exactly who you are and get ready for it to give you exactly what you need.

Your talents, dreams, desires, experiences and everything you went through are there for a reason, beautiful soul. You would never be called to do something unless it was possible for you. And the more you make room for yourself, the more you’ll see that you’ll never have to play small again. Let’s reveal and awaken your true magic – where ideas flow and your energy is aligned with your deepest desires.

Welcome, amazing storyteller!

How to Work With Me

If you’ve been yearning to express yourself authentically, break free from limiting beliefs, and achieve inner peace in your writing journey, you’re in the right place.

There’s a reason you are called to be a writer—there’s a unique talent within you, a calling only you recognize. No matter what others may say, you know you have a story to share with the world. Tap into your talent, experience breakthroughs where there were once blocks, and learn to love both the writer within you and the person you are becoming. Unlock the storyteller within and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, creativity, and personal empowerment.

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